I love online bingo!

I was originally going to call this post “Online Bingo: My Secret Shame”, but that would have been silly. Bingo is awesome and everyone knows it! I feel like I’m a bit of a stereotypical 30-year-old mum, sitting around in my leggings and playing online bingo, but my love for the, er… sport(?) started about… Read More I love online bingo!

About the House

Cool Summer Nights

For all the wonders that summer has to offer, there’s no doubt that it brings one big problem with it: insistent heat. What’s the difference between good heat – the kind that makes you bask in it, sitting out into the late hours of the evening as you feel the warmth on your face –… Read More Cool Summer Nights


What Does Voting Mean to You?

This morning we awoke to news that can’t have made anyone happy; whichever way they voted. A hung parliament means another government situation that nobody actually asked for. Political beliefs aside, the turnout yesterday was pretty awesome. Normally my generation is known for its apathy; low turnouts are expected and accepted. Yesterday the tides turned… Read More What Does Voting Mean to You?