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An Interview with the Author of The Children’s Meditations In My Heart

Gitte Winter Graugaard is the author of a wonderful book that has a reputation for helping children get to sleep! The book, The Children’s Meditations In My Heart, is a series of meditations to help your child focus on the love they share with their family.

I was lucky enough to grab an interview with Gitte, and she has very kindly teamed up with my blog to run a giveaway. One lucky reader will receive their very own copy of this magic, sleep inducing book.

The interview (below) was so insightful, Gitte is a wonderfully knowledgeable lady. Speaking to her was like a breath of fresh air. The interview was more like a conversation with an old friend, than anything more formal. She’s such a friendly lady and we both relaxed into the task in hand really quickly.

The Children’s Meditations In My Heart has quite a reputation for getting children off to sleep, was this the main reason for you writing it?

The intention was never to write a book to help with sleep, that was just a happy accident! Gitte wrote the book because saw how much it affected her own children when they were filling their hearts with love whilst learning different heart energies. Her original aim was to teach her children about the energy of the heart, but every time she did, the children kept falling asleep!

Initially she thought the sleepy reaction to be quite funny, but after experimenting with the meditations, she realised she was onto something! Before long was passing her knowledge onto friends, even writing her advice on a party napkin so a friend could take it home!

She wanted to teach her children about self-love, getting them to sleep was just a bonus!


Is it best to read the books to siblings together or separately?


The second meditation is great to read to siblings together, you can ask your children to lay facing each other with their hands on one another’s hearts to make a circle. This can be powerful for siblings as the love flows round and it can strengthen their bond.

When you read the book to your children individually, you will notice you read it in a different way. This can strengthen the bond between yourself and your child. Gitte recommends improvising on the stories once you know them well, each child will bring out different results as they are an individual in their own right.


When should mindfulness be introduced to children?

Originally Gitte thought the book would be perfect for children ages 3 plus, to understand the concepts within the meditations. She now believes even a newborn will benefit from having the book read to them. When you read the book, it causes a shift in energy and has a calming effect. As children are often very sensitive to these shifts, if you relax, the child will relax too (at any age). Some of the meditations are even used in prenatal classes in America.


With regards to the calming effects of the book, do you think it can help with especially anxious children, including those with ASD?

The book has a calming effect when read to your child and this isn’t just for bedtime. Gitte has heard from parents of children with ADHD and autism who have found the book particularly helpful as part of a calming down routine. She isn’t quite sure the reasons behind this, believes that a present, loving parent is always beneficial.


If someone was going to introduce mindfulness to their children, where would they start?

Start with love. The book is based on love, because we all know about love. It doesn’t matter if we don’t know about meditation, we may also have different spiritual beliefs but love is universal.

Great place to start is love because it’s not learning anything new.


Where there any lightbulb moments?

Gitte still finds she is learning a lot every day. The lightbulb moment was that we all have everything we need inside us.

We’re born with the tools and just need to unlock them. As you read the book, the child may become your teacher, they are much closer to the energy they are born with. She sometimes feels unsure of who is teaching who!


Gitte doesn’t consider herself as sharing knowledge, just the tools she finds along the way. Gitte feels she is constantly learning and believes in sharing before she knows the full picture; she believes that as soon as we know something is working we should share it.

She considers the most important thing is to become aware of the energy when you are with your child and parent yourself first. If you are angry, it will be harder to communicate with your children.

Gitte will be completing her first UK book tour this October, details below:

Nottingham Wednesday October 25th.
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Nantwich, Manchester Thursday October 26th.
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London 28-29 October
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  1. I’ve never heard of this book but I’m definitely interested! Amelia and I have practised mindful meditation together at bedtime (naughty me using an app instead of a book 🙈) and it definitely works! I think I could do a lot more with her, though, and I plan on making a concerted effort with this actually. Gitte sounds like a fab lady xx #RVHT

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