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An Amazing Home Workout with Flex TV

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I’m pretty out of shape and often complain I don’t have the time to go to a gym. I am also a bit defeatist and consider plugging the DVD player in to be too much hassle for home workouts. Basically, I’m crap.

Flex TV got in touch with me to see if I’d give their home workout platform a try. It’s tailored specifically for mums and if the name hasn’t given it away, it’s really flexible.

It has loads of classes that stream live at all times of the day, you just have to pick one to suit you!

No equipment is needed (well, a sports bra and some shoes, perhaps) and there are so many options. All you really need is a living room and I streamed it from my laptop which is always on and out.


The man behind the idea gave me a quick phone call to establish my fitness level. I was completely honest and told him what an unfit fatty I was and he assured me there would be a plan for me. After our chat he emailed me the first two classes for me to try out.

I am quite overweight and I’m a busy old stresshead so I asked for something that would help lose weight and something that would help calm me so we went for HIIT and yoga to ease me in. Two workouts in one week probably won’t sound much to some, but it’s probably the most exercise I’ve done in six months.

We chose a 12 pm class because that’s when my tot has a nap so it frees me up to workout and then hopefully shower if he sleeps deeply enough.

The first class was today and I’ve just finished and sat down to write about it immediately because I’m so impressed. I am terribly unfit but it wasn’t awful and the lady was really nice.

The class I participated in today was a body weight HIIT workout lead by Lisa Henderson. She came across as very friendly and made a point of saying it was okay if you couldn’t keep up.

I managed 22 minutes of a 30 minute workout which I’m quite impressed with. I had been running around the garden with the kids for an hour before and hadn’t thought to drink more or turn the heating down, so I might have lasted longer otherwise. Next time I know what to (and not to) do.

The workout consisted of using the weight of your own body to burn calories and involved squats, squat jumps, push ups and on the spot sprinting, as well as some things I don’t really know the terms for. I was puffed out and sweating (which is what’s meant to happen when you exercise I hear, I wouldn’t know, I don’t normally do it!).

I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be tuning in the same time next week. I even got to get my fancy exercise leggings out!

Flex TV

My next class is a yoga workout on Friday, I’m really looking forward to it. You can chat to your friends in the class which is pretty cool. I didn’t this time because I just trying to keep going but I think that’s a great function because you get to keep the social aspect of exercise classes, but you don’t actually have the rigmarole of going out to participate.

Anyway, I’m off to shower and maybe eat some fruit. I’m loving the fit life!

3 thoughts on “An Amazing Home Workout with Flex TV

  1. Omg I absolutely love the sound of this. I love HIIT training and so want to try yoga! What a fab idea! I definitely need to look into this a bit more. Ps love your leggings!! Thanks for sharing at #familyfun xx

  2. ooo I may give this a go! I hate the gym but if I could do it at home that might be tons better! and nobody othe than the other half can see my wobbly bits and he’s seen them before anyway!

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