Amazing Face Masks for All Budgets

I get a lot of my beauty knowledge through trial and error. I find nothing is quite the same as trying something for yourself. I like to make up my own mind about any wonder products, which means I’ve smeared a lot of weird stuff on my face over time. I’ve put a load of face masks to the test so you don’t have to, and I’ve managed to narrow it down to some amazing face masks within a variety of price ranges.

Amazing Face Masks

I’ll start from the top and go downwards in price. I always enjoy perving on the expensive stuff before I buy what I can actually afford.


111 Skin Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask £85

Amazing Face Masks

This mask was ridiculously luxurious. When I opened the packet, I saw a shimmery gold, translucent mask that I could tell would perform all sorts of magic on my skin. It felt divine and after I’d used it my skin felt really fresh and moisturised. It was exceptionally good, but the price tag is what prevents me from being a repeat purchaser.

I received this mask in a Glossybox a few months ago. Glossybox is great because it handpicks a few beauty treats that you’re sure to love and send them to your door for £10 a month + p&p. They actually have an offer on for March sign ups where you get a bonus Nip+Fab moisturising for free if you sign up here and enter the code FABGLOSSY at the checkout.

Mudmasky £60

Amazing Face Masks amazing face masks

Another Glossbybox treat, again not quite in my price range at the moment. A girl can dream though.  The photo above shows how the mask dries on your skin. It goes from dark to light as it hardens and when it’s fully light you wash it off.

The oil areas are the last to dry, and that’s where you really notice the mask has worked when you wash it off. It’s grainy in texture so when you’ve washed it off, you’ve managed to exfoliate as well.

Shills Purifying Black Mask £12.99

Amazing Face Masks

This is that mask you’ve seen live videos all over Facebook of beautiful young girls crying as they remove it. They’re doing it wrong, you shouldn’t put it all over your face! It really bonds to your cells and waxes any hairs it comes into contact with.

For proper use, you should just concentrate on your T-zone (the bit in the picture). It might tingle a little (or even sting the first time) but it’ll be nowhere near the pain those poor vloggers went through.

Plus, if you’re really gross like me, you can inspect the mask once you’ve peeled it off and see all the gunk it’s ripped out of your pores. Tone and moisturise after. Trust me. Available on Amazon.


L’Oreal Pure Clay Brightening Mask £5.99

Amazing Face Masks

My sister got me this for my 30th because I was sad about being old and my skin went all dull just to mock me further. This is another clay mask that hardens and has an exfoliating element as you wash it off.

I like it because it does what it says on the tin. I put it on while my bath runs, it tingles a bit, I wash it off in the bath and when I get out the bath I look positively radiant. Brilliant product and I’ll definitely buy more when I run out.

Available at Boots.


L’Action Cucumber Purifying Spa Mask £1

Amazing Face Masks

This little treasure is from Poundland, believe it or not. It looks really classy, doesn’t it? It’s a sheet mask, which is part of the reason there is no photo of me with it on. If I sit up to take a photo, it slides and makes me look like a horror film murderer. If I lay down to take my photo, all my fat pools around my neck and I look like Jabba the Hutt, and I’m just not willing to have that monstrosity online.

The mask tingles while it’s on and although it’s good, I found it dries out my skin more than its slightly more expensive counterparts. Certainly great value for money but moisturising afterwards is essential.


Have you tried any of these masks? If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear about them, I’m obsessed with new beauty finds!



22 thoughts on “Amazing Face Masks for All Budgets

  1. I love facemarks. I seem to be mildly allergic to something thats in a lot of them though, they cause a mild…burning sensation. So I’m always looking for one I can use without risking my skin coming off!!


    1. Nightmare! I would be so sad if that was me, I bet you worry about all sorts of creams and stuff too!

  2. I love a face mask, in fact I might go rummaging in my cupboards for one now. Not likely to find an £80 one though. I would really love to try it but like you I think the price tag is a bit off putting. However it great that it is included in Glossybox. I think I’ll have to look into these! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

  3. I get Glossybox too and love that Mudmasky it was so good at relaxing spots really fast. Im guttes its so expensive as i would definitely buy it! Havent tried to yet though! #familyfun xx

    1. I think I’ll dry and find a less pricey equivalent to Musmasky. It is soooo good though so I bet it’s hard to find something close! x

    1. It does look scary how those Facebook people do it! If you put it on the right way, it’s a much more satisfying experience!

    1. I had really sensitive skin when I was a teen, it was a nightmare because you just didn’t know what products to trust!

  4. I have never tried a facemask yet as I have very sensitive skin so not sure if I will have a reaction. They do range in prices

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