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Adding A New Service Or Product? Launch It With Style

When you have developed your business to a point where you’re ready to launch additional services or products, you’re in good shape. Your business is ticking over, the money is coming in, and your entrepreneurial dreams are beginning to look like a reality.

However, nothing will make you feel like you’re going right back to the early days like launching something new. Once again, you’re unsure; not confident that you’ve got the right idea; worried about how your new introduction will fare. All those emotions you thought you had left behind now descend upon you again– and there’s very little you can do to stop them.

Rather than overriding all the negative, worry-fuelled emotions, why not channel them into something positive? A launch event for your new innovation could be just the distraction that you need. If you fancy giving it a try, why not look through these three ideas that can ensure that your launch goes off with the bang it deserves?


1) Spoil Your Existing Customers

When a business expands its offerings or service range, it’s all too easy to lose focus of the people who have made this possible– your existing customers. These are the people who took a chance with you, placed orders, and allowed your business to be successful. They therefore deserve a place at your launch event, and spoiling them a little won’t hurt. Imagine a room full of people who can display their VIP pass, talk about how great your business has been for them personally, and ensure there’s plenty of friendly faces for you to mingle with. Satisfied customers are a great advert for your business, so make the most of them, and put together a glorious VIP goodie-bag for them to enjoy as well.


2) Be Careful With Your Scheduling

Let’s face it: if you’re going to the trouble of organising a launch event, you’re going to want to ensure people are actually there. Otherwise, you’re making a speech and launching a new innovation to… absolutely no one. Your scheduling is crucial to ensuring a good attendance. Check local events for free days, so you’re not competing with anyone else. Give plenty of notice of the date and time; a month, at the very least. Don’t just book your launch date to what suits you; you have to accommodate the people you hope will attend too.


3) Don’t Forget To Promote Your Existing Products/Services

A good launch event isn’t just about the new; it’s about the old, established products or services as well. Make sure part of the event focuses on the products that have gotten you to this point and try to introduce them to a new audience. A few members of the local press should attend your launch, so ensure they have a full overview of your business and what you do– you’re going to want all the information to appear in their write-up!

Focusing your nervous energies into a spectacular launch event is a worthwhile task. It keeps you busy and will, ultimately, benefit your business as a whole. Even the smallest businesses can hold launch events, so examine your funds and then focus on putting on the best night you can!

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