What to Buy an Accidental Hipster Mum for Christmas

Mums are known universally as difficult to buy for. I don’t think I am, but I know my husband would disagree. My friends seem to have difficulty choosing gifts for their own mums too, so I know there’s at least a few others who need some ideas.

Christmas is all about tradition, and I think people traditionally don’t know what to buy their mums!

I’ve compiled a list of ideas for what to get a mum like me. An accidental hipster mum.

Here are my suggestions (this post contains affiliate links):


Cool Interior Stuff

Accidental hipster Mum gift guide

I absolutely love this donut plushie. I don’t have a lot of spare money, so when it comes interiors I’m all about adding little things with lots of character to make my home feel like mine


Accidental hipster Mum gift guide

Clothes are a difficult one, especially if you don’t know someone’s size. A safe bet is a baggy jumper, it’s bound to fit and you won’t embarrass anyone by getting a totally wrong size. I love this leaf print sweater in pink.

Or if you do know what size to buy, you can get something more personal to her tastes.

Accidental hipster Mum gift guide

I’ve been watching Mad Men lately and I’m obsessed with the 50’s fashion. This 50’s dress is absolute perfection!


Accidental hipster Mum gift guide

Jewellery is so handy because it usually comes in one size. I tend to think style of jewellery varies with each person. I love bold pieces like these chunky earrings or this cool cat pendant.

Accidental hipster Mum gift guide

Makeup & Smellies

Accidental hipster Mum gift guide

Handmade soap screams Christmas to me. I love to support the indie businesses at this time of year. They generally have the less obvious scents available, like these beauties from the picture where you can choose your own!

I always think makeup needs to be in no way practical. Don’t get her concealer or something boring that she needs. Buy a super sparkly surprise like this hand made nail polish!

Accidental hipster Mum gift guide

Something Relating to her Favourite TV Show

This one kind of depends on what her fave show is. If it’s a cult classic, it’ll be easier to get themed goods, like this Agent Cooper heavy Twin Peaks themed mug, or this amazing Log Lady tote below. If her fave show is Embarrassing Bodies, you might want to give it a miss.

Accidental hipster Mum gift guide


Something for her Hobbies

Accidental hipster Mum gift guide

I love to knit and crochet. Indie dyed yarn is always so beautiful  but a little out of my price range if it’s not a special occasion.

My suggestion for hobby related gifts is to go for something she would never normally buy herself. Always go for the luxury option if in doubt!


This list should have given you plenty of ideas, I hope you buy your own accidental hipster mum the lovely presents she deserves. Of course, Christmas sweets never go amiss either!


*All photos are direct from the Etsy shop of that item and all items in the list have been credited via the link.

7 thoughts on “What to Buy an Accidental Hipster Mum for Christmas

  1. I think I’m pretty easy for Christmas. It’s the same list every year – all the things I love but feel guilty spending money on myself like Aromatherapy Associates bath oils – heavenly expensive. #RVHT.

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