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Accidental Hipster Mum

Accidental Hipster: someone who does all of that by accident.

Having children turned me into a hipster without me realising it. I stopped knowing what was happening with popular culture and carried on wearing the lace and velvet that has been in my wardrobe for over a decade.

I was once an accidental pretentious hipster when I asked about a CD in a record shop and uttered those criminally condescending words “you probably won’t have heard of them.” I wasn’t being pedantic, I just knew they wouldn’t have. I was right but my fiancé cringed just the same.

This blog shares my life, that of an accidental hipster mum and all the things that interest me. I post regular book recommendations and I like to review beauty products and talk about the crafty things I do. I talk about a lot really. I never stop talking.

Take a look around.

Accidental Hipster Mum


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