A Big Announcement

On Christmas Eve my lovely boyfriend proposed and I said yes. I’m engaged!


Here’s the ring, it’s so beautiful and just what I wanted. I have quite bad eczma so ignore how my hands look, I’ve put a filter on the photo to conceal my scabby skin.

So now I have to follow Weight Watchers properly, get my teeth whitened and get some sort of plan in place (probably using Pinterest).

I’ve created a Pinterest account to go with this blog and hope some folk will send me pins. At the top of this page is a Pinterest section that contains a link go my account so that you can follow me. Send me pins, I’d love to hear from you and I need some ideas!

How very wonderful and exciting!

20 thoughts on “A Big Announcement

      1. I just searched for you on Pinterest and wasn’t able to find you. Are you able to put a Pinterest link on your blog? Otherwise, you can follow me on Pinterest (“Whitney Parchman”) and I will follow you back. 😉

          1. I can’t make it work! I’ll have to do it tomorrow when I get my laptop out. I’ve just searched for myself and it keels bringing up my personal one that I wanted to ditch so I’m not sure what I’ve done! Can you post a link to yours? X

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