7 Tips To Keep More Of Your Money This Easter

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From chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs, to flowers that have been re-branded as Easter blooms, you’re going to be inundated with stuff, much of it hyped-up, over-priced garbage. The idea behind all the marketing is to get you to spend money on highly marked-up seasonal merchandise before you even have a thought about the essentials that you went shopping for in the first place.

Around every aisle in the store, you’ll be greeted by yet another Easter promotion, your own personal Easter egg hunt that you’ll never even know your participating in. To help you to sort through are the Easter marketing hype and beat the supermarkets at their own game, here’s my advice for finding those real Easter bargains this year.


Buy Easter Eggs At The Last Minute

If you’re buying your Easter eggs weeks ahead of time, those chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps are going to cost you far too much. Purchase your Easter candy as close to the holiday as you can, the night before if possible. You’ll pay far less by doing that. Stores don’t want to hold on to seasonal stock after the holiday, so they’ll commonly mark down prices as much as 50% to 90%.


Host An Easter Egg Hunt At Home

There’s no reason why you need to waste gasoline by driving to an Easter egg hunt hosted by someone else. Your children will have tons of fun helping to decorate eggs the night before, then, while they’re still asleep, you can hide eggs around your house and yard so that your children can enjoy searching for them all after they wake up.


Make Home-made Easter Egg Dye

You’re spending too much if you buy an Easter egg decorating kit. You can make your own for much less money. Simply stir a few drops of food colouring into some boiling water, and add a teaspoon of vinegar and you can create all the vibrant colours that you need.

7 Tips To Keep More Of Your Money This Easter

DIY Easter Accessories

Dressing up for the holiday doesn’t have to be so expensive. Skip that trip to the mall for new hats, brooches, and accessories. Get creative instead! There are innumerable tutorials online for making fun Easter brooches, as well as for DIY clothing and more.


DIY Easter Baskets

Why buy an over-priced Easter basket from the store that you’ll only use once per year, when you can take an old ice cream pail that you already have lying around your home, clean it up and decorate it, and make it your Easter basket? Making your own is much more fun, and you can personalize your basket any way you’d like. If you’d like to save even more money, shred some old wrapping paper to make unique, colourful basket grass rather than buying it at the store.


Enjoy Your Easter Feast In Your Own Dining Room

Don’t waste your time and money by going to a restaurant for Easter ham when you’re able to make it so easily at home, for far less money. Enjoying an Easter feast with your family at home is a much more intimate experience that eating it in a dining room full of strangers. You can choose from an endless number of recipes, purchase the finest ingredients, and turn Easter dinner into a family affair by involving everyone in its preparation. Besides, whatever you prepare is bound to taste better than anything that you’d get at a restaurant, and you’ll have left overs that you can use to make meals from for the next several days.


Deal And Free Stuff Sites

Being a huge freebie fan, I often check deal sites and free stuff sites, and do see a lot of deals that would be useful for easter. Please check websites like, as they often work with Topcashback and offer some amazing freebies and deals.


Don’t be conned out of your money by slick advertising campaigns, use these tips to keep more of your money in your wallet and to have a more enjoyable Easter holiday. Use your imagination, and see how many other ways that you can save money this Easter.


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