6 Natural Remedies for you to Try at Home

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We’ve talked recently about how spring can cause hell up for those of us with hay fever, and we’ve talked about where you can buy your hay fever remedies online, but we haven’t moved onto creating our own remedies for common ailments at home. Here, we take a look at six natural remedies which you can make from your own kitchen, without even needing to leave the house!

Natural Remedies for you to Try at Home


These nasty little brown warts, otherwise known as Planters warts, are the result of a viral infection on the outer layer of your skin on your feet. They can be painfu,l and they can be itchy, and one of the most common ways for doctors to get rid of them involves quite a bit of pain and treatment. However, you don’t need to be a doctor to heal Planters warts, and there are an array of treatments which you can do at home. The most effective being the use of apple cider vinegar! Simply soak a cotton ball in the vinegar, apply it to the verruca and cover with duct tape. Replace once every few days, and soak your foot in warm water every time you remove the tape.


Upset tummy

A tried and tested treatment for nausea as well as motion and seasickness is to eat or drink ginger. To make an effective ginger tea, grate up a load of fresh ginger and boil it up; add some honey and lemon if you find it a bit too hot. Ginger beer and ginger biscuits are both good substitutes if you are out and about and unable to brew up a concoction.



Urinary tract infections are a common ailment among women, and we’ve all be told for years to gulp down cranberry juice to ease the pain and discomfort. Eating a handful of berries a day will also have the same effect. Often, cranberry juice can leave a funny taste in your mouth, but it’s worth knowing that cranberry and apple juice will work too.

Natural Remedies for you to Try at Home


Who doesn’t like tea? Sitting down with a nice cup of green tea is the perfect solution to problem bloating. Can’t stand green tea or don’t warrant drinking it enough to buy it? Peppermint tea has the same effect, and is also naturally caffeine free, unlike green tea.


Cough and bronchitis

Thyme is a herb that can be found in most kitchens, whether it’s growing in a pot on your windowsill or its in dried form in a pot. Thyme contains properties which are excellent at getting rid of all that phlegm which builds up when you have a nasty cough, so chuck it in a pan with water, boil it up, strain and drink!



There are many old wives tales out there which talk about bruises, but none work better than either Arnica or lemon. If you don’t have any Arnica hanging around, just cut in half one lemon, and rub the juicy part over the bruise once an hour for several hours to see results.


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