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6 Fab Accessories to Make your Home More Hip

Since turning 30 I’ve become really interested in interiors. I buy Country Home and various other interiors magazines. I even have secret boards on Pinterest filled with inspiration for decorating my home.

Of course, being the accidental hipster that I am, it would seem I have rather eclectic taste. I don’t want my home to look like everybody else’s. I don’t tend to follow trends, but I do love a look that has personality. This is what I love most about seeing what other people’s home are like.

For me, individuality is key.

With that in mind, I’ve created this list of stylish home accessories that set will set you apart from all your friends and make your home more hip.

Oval Glass Dome with LED Firefly Lights

This is my favourite item, I love it so much. I was actually very kindly gifted this choice for writing this piece and I think it’s just lovely. It looks pretty mystical when it’s on and all other lights are out, has a kind of woodland fairy vibe and I think it’s just so gorgeous. Here’s what it looks like switched on in the evening:

Make your Home More Hip
See what I mean?

Flowers in Glass Vases

Make your Home More Hip

These little beauties are begging to be bought and put on your kitchen windowsill to give your home a country cottage feels. Fake flowers are better than real ones because they never die! I think these look meadow fresh and extremely realistic.

Whale Book-Ends

Make your Home More Hip

Ever since my fiancé read Moby Dick, he’s been very keen on whale-themed accessories (whale-themed everything really). I too find myself seeking out whales to buy, it’s a habit I’ve acquired from years of searching for presents for my book-keen prince. These book-ends would be lovely in our house and we have more than enough books to display between them, but think Moby Dick deserves pride of place!

Artificial Succulents

Make your Home More Hip

If I don’t discuss my love of succulents, am I even a blogger? These chubby little faux plants would look good either dotted about your plain surfaces, or spread in groups of 3 across two shelves. They look so real, don’t they?

Cold Beer Wall Sign

Make your Home More Hip

I love antique looking drinks signs. I once owned an old Martini bar mirror that I found in a charity shop. I think anything food and drink related belongs in the dining room. Where would you hand this?

Stag Bust

Make your Home More Hip

An ornament for the quirky. I love this noble guy and I’ll bet if you get one none of you friends will have anything like it. I’m not sure where I’d put this fellow (possibly on the piano?) but there’s something really dignified about him, doncha think?

What did you think of my super cool choices? I bet you’re reaching for the credit card to make your home more hip as we speak. I’d love to know what you think. Leave me a message in the comments!

7 thoughts on “6 Fab Accessories to Make your Home More Hip

  1. I love the glass dome and the succulents. I am a little unsure about the stag bust though. I am not yet sure whether I love it or loathe it. Pen x #RVHT

    1. Thank you! I would love to write a blog that’s purely my quirky interiors lust, but I just don’t have the time and energy! x

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