5 Mother-Daughter Tips For Shopping For Prom Early

Before you know, it will be prom season, complete with corsages, shopping, Instagramming, and, of course, dresses. Believe it or not, you can never start shopping for prom too early. In fact, the earlier you jump on the prom dress shopping bandwagon with your daughter, the easier the entire process is sure to be. So, to help you get a head start on other prom goers, here are six tips you and your daughter can use to start looking for the perfect prom dress.

  1. Start shopping early for the dress

If you start looking for a dress now, you will have a far greater selection of affordable prom dresses of 2018 to choose from. That’s because the rails are packed full of amazing dresses just waiting for your daughter to try them on. It is also a great time to start looking now since if the retailer doesn’t have your daughter’s preferred dress in her size, it gives you plenty of time to order it and ensure alterations are done way in advance for the big night.

  1. Set a budget

This is probably the most important tip we can give you. Sit down with your daughter and figure out your budget before you even begin looking for a prom dress. And, when you get to a store, let the sales associate know what that budget is. Prom dresses can vary greatly in prices, and the last thing you is to let your daughter try on an outfit she falls in love with but is not within your budget.

  1. Take heels with you

Most girls choose to wear heels to prom, so encourage your daughter to take a couple of different pairs along when you go shopping. This will help her get a better feel for how the dress will look and lay on the day of the prom. Also, if your daughter is taller, it is particularly important as she will ensure that the dress she chooses is long enough to be worn with her preferred heel height.

  1. Let her try on a few dresses

If you start shopping early, you can avoid the rush, and you can let your daughter try on tons of different styles to see what works best for her body type and personality. This is an important tip, since going shopping and only wanting to try on certain colours or styles will limit her, and she may exhaust her options. Encouraging her to try on different types of gowns can make the decision tougher, but it’s well worth it.

  1. Don’t forget about underwear

Finding the perfect undergarments is important, too, and can be both different and difficult depending on the dress she plans to wear. Again, starting early can ensure you get the entire look together with no stress at all. Usually, the sales associate will be able to assist with undergarments, too, and advice what will look best with the dress your daughter chooses.


Take note of these tips and ensure that your daughter will have all the essentials for prom night.

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