After 3 Months with Birchbox, here’s what I Think

I’m always ready to try a beauty box, so this summer I took advantage of some offers and signed up to Birchbox and LookFantastic box (post to follow for this one). I like to give things a proper trial because one month isn’t enough. Beauty Boxes are a funny thing because they try to appeal to lots of people at once, meaning not everyone’s tastes will be covered.

My first Birchbox was pretty good. I liked the contents but felt the items could have done with being a bit bigger.

Birchbox July 2017


As you can see, it was generously stuffed!


It smells nice and does the job, it’s definitely a contender for a future purchase (although I am pretty brand loyal to Batiste, it’s quite a similar product).

I can vouch for this cream, it feels great on! My feet are a bit rubbish, I need one of those scabby peeling masks but this made them feel nice when I applied it after a bath.



The GoGo tint is a lovely colour but I was disappointed with the size, the Benefit Counter will give you a sample this size for free if you ask nicely.

BirchboxGorgeous nudes. Again, a lovely quality product, it had staying power but as a muted tone I can’t comment  much on pigment. I can say it did look nice after I’d applied it though!


My eyebrow/eyelash comb had a wobbly end! I now know from stalking social media that Birchbox actually has a reputation for excellent customer service, so if I’d said something at the time they would have just replaced it. Back in July when I received it, I didn’t know so I sulked a bit!

That was my first box, which was for July (in the UK). In the interest of not making this post infinite, I haven’t taken individual photos of the contents of other boxes.

Birchbox August 2017

Birchbox August

This Birchbox was offering up some serious mermaid vibes. I LOVED the Spectrum brush (everyone is in love with Sprectrum right now anyway). The mattifying cream was good, I would normally like to use it for a month before I commit to an opinion but the sample size wasn’t big enough. I’m a very shiny human so I did appreciate its mattifying effects.

The eyeshadow is gorgeous. I don’t normally use eyeshadow crayons but this one isn’t sticky and didn’t crease, so I’ll be using this again. It’s a gorgeous coffee coloured shimmer look that I smudged into a smokey eye and made me feel all posh and grown up. Smoky eyes are very ‘now’ as we descend into autumn.

The anti-bacterial gel seemed to be a strange choice. I suppose it’s luxurious to be germ-free, it just doesn’t feel like a luxurious product. Probably because it mostly gets used after I’ve washed my hands in public toilets (I’m a bit of a germophobe).

The sugar spray is really good. I think I’ll buy that again, it doesn’t feel as drying as salt spray.

Birchbox September 2017



This one is my favourite. There’s cooling eye cream, stickers, blush/eyeshadow, lip balm, Dr Paw Paw everything balm and a nice smelling leave in conditioner spray. I don’t have a favourite product necessarily, it’s just full of really good stuff. I want more boxes like this please, Birchbox!

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18 thoughts on “After 3 Months with Birchbox, here’s what I Think

  1. I’ve always wondered about birchbox, mainly because the boxes are so pretty and I am so not a beauty product kind of a person it would be nice to be sent a few bits that I don’t have to choose and try and make myself look more presentable #stayclassymama

  2. I had never heard of these boxes before. I am not very good at finding and buying myself beauty bits so they look like a good subscription for me. #stayclassymama

  3. I recently canceled my BB subscription, but this kinda makes me miss it already lol. Love the reward point system they have but ended up keeping my Ipsy instead. Sigh.

  4. The more I read your blog the more I think I want to sign up to a beauty subscription box… I’ve only recently (last coupe of years) properly started wearing more than mascara daily!! I’ll wait to see how you got on with LookFantastic! #stayclassymama

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