10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

I’m a bit of a dressaholic and just don’t know how much longer I can cope with wrapping up in jumpers and jeans. I need new material! I need texture! I need excitement!

Ever since the mornings have been light when I get out of bed, I have been planning what to wear when the spring enters my life. This morning I saw a daffodil and knew it was time to compile a list of the 10 must-have dresses for this spring. Your wardrobe will thank me!

10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

I recently spoke on the radio about fashion and my style advice highlighted the importance of textures and shape in you outfits. It’s no surprise that the dresses I consider to be important fixtures in your spring wardrobe involve textures such as velvet and lace.

Grab a cuppa and prepare to lust.

Vero Moda Leopard Print Skater Dress

10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

Leopard print is incredibly versatile. It goes with any skin tone and can be dressed up for drinks or dressed down for shopping. The print is busy so you don’t need to over accessorise, but if you choose to pair it up with something , choose black or gold.

Floral Tier Dress

10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

The floral design echos the blooms of spring while the tiered folds over the hips adds volume to the material and shapes the wearer around the hips. This is definitely a night out dress but it’s not OTT or too revealing meaning it’s classy enough for cocktails but trendy enough for your favourite bar.


Textured Frill Yoke Dress

10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

A little more understated for the less bold among us, but it still has enough going on up top to avoid being boring. Warm tones are great for brightening skin that’s been dulled by the tail end of winter. Breathe some life into your complexion with plum tones and high necks.

Crochet Lace Up Dress

10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

We all know by now that I’m a massive fan of crochet, but I don’t have the patience to make my own dresses. This dress is fab and the varied pattern of the overlaying crochet changes this from simple LBD to stylish staple.

French Connection Tweed/ Lace Combo

10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

Who doesn’t love an unexpected mash-up? When you think of tweed, your mind doesn’t instantly pair it with lace, but French Connection have shown us exactly how well this can work. Pair with court shoes and a big black pussybow scarf for a more preppy look.

Biba Printed Maxi Dress

10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

I feel as though it would be total blasphemy to write a must-have list and not include anything by Biba. Turquoise and pink brighten an outfit like no winter-wear possibly could. This gorgeous symmetrical patterned maxi will help to remind you that the good weather is on its way.

Stellar Ice Tunic Top

10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

Another brightly coloured, bold print to give your wardrobe a refreshing zing. Sheer sleeves leave you with one foot still in winter for those who have a hard time saying goodbye the coverage winter clothes offer.

Drape Frill Dress

10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

Another casual option made up of slouchy layers and a sugarplum palette. Wear with white Converse low-tops for an ultra laid-back look.

Velvet Frill Bodycon

10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

Where would we be without a recommendation of velvet or frills? So here it is, all-in-one. Definitely a night-time sort of dress and I think if you don’t wear a lace choker with this dress, then you’re not being a supportive accessoriser.

Long-Sleeved Crochet Dress

10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

This dress is an amalgamation of a few of the dresses I’ve already suggest. How could I not include it? Warm plum tones, sleeves, crochet in an overlaying lace pattern. Gorgeous!

I’d love to know what you think of my choices. Which dress is your favourite?

7 thoughts on “10 Must-Have Dresses for this Spring

  1. Dresses tend to make me look either a) cheap, or b) fat (neither of which I like to think I am!) And I can’t do maxi-dresses because I’m only 5ft1/5ft2-ish, so that’d be a tripping hazard!

    I like the drape frill dress – it looks like the cut is more forgiving than many. I wouldn’t call it casual though – add a pair of gold heels, and a cameo necklace, and you’d be looking v smart 🙂


  2. I am such a funny shape that I have to be careful with what I wear and no one, not one retailer caters for women with broad shoulders! It makes it tough as you need a larger size to accommodate them but then you lose the waist. I’m not huge, just broad shoulders run in the family. Maxi dresses are a fave of mine. #RVHT

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